Art Director/Web Design

Web Design & Art Director
Will be responsible for designing websites, especially educational and training websites, and creating content that people enjoy using because the functionality is straightforward, the aesthetics are appealing, and the design is built on a thorough understanding of user needs, current trends, and technology.
Experience required
Cross-browser development
Social Media
Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Works with internal and external clients to help define strategy, content and features for design of their websites and/or applications.
2. Develops detailed user interface documents, mock-ups, and prototypes in conjunction with the product manager to provide a greatly enhanced and usable series of online applications.
3. Analyzes and documents user requirements and information related to the development of various web applications. Use this information to determine the best workflow and approach to a user experience within the application.
4. Identifies complex problems, trouble shoots and provides solutions to assist clients in their graphic and design needs.
5. Coordinates with other disciplines to resolve problems as necessary.
6. Manages the design team and continues to develop a stronger design team.
7. Works with faculty, staff, and the development team in order to establish, promote, and enforce design and site guidelines.
8. May implement business analysis and change management within the design team as needed.
Contact: Andrea Anaya
Phone: 801-373-9469
Email: aloflinanaya@gmail.com
Prefer email.

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